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The Positive Property Show with George Markoski

Feb 22, 2021

George sits down with Goro Gupta to discuss the NDIS and their property investment strategies. Is it legit or a dud? We find out on this week's episode...

Feb 15, 2021

The Economy has picked up - the RBA is going to print another $100 billion and release it into the economy!!
What does this really mean? Well, in theory, it should bid the price of everything up, but hard assets in particular. (That is, it’s super bullish for property.)
Listen on this week's episode as George...

Feb 8, 2021

On this week's podcast, George is invited onto The Growth Hub Global network and opens up about his humble beginnings. Listen as he strolls down memory lane where he talks about family, school, his first business, and how he came to retire in his 30's.



Feb 1, 2021

So the RBA reckons house prices are going to boom 30% over the next three years. Surprise, surprise. On this week's episode, George and Christina talk about the predictions and why money in the bank isn't always a good thing.