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The Positive Property Show with George Markoski

Oct 30, 2020

Stock market vs Property investment and why your fancy trading program is not going to work: Sorry but its true
In life we can get either an excuse or a result you cant have both.
Here are my 3 steps to overcome excuses when they hit you:
1. When that excuse comes to you - acknowledge it but don’t feed it. Don't give it any power. Awareness is the key
2. After you have dissolved the potent power that is an excuse - take a quiet moment to visualize your 5 year outcome of your dream - where are you, who are with and what is the realization of your dream. (Have a 30 second clip of that in your mind to resonate with).
3. Last but most important step - make a very deliberate action towards your goal - even if it’s a small action. Do something to break the excuse coma.
Practice these 3 steps and slowly but surely you will start to dissolve those excuses for good.