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The Positive Property Show with George Markoski

Sep 28, 2020

The dog with the nail in its but and why you should also avoid this
Ever heard of the dog who sat on a nail? Well, a dog and his owner were sitting in their garden. The dog was howling and barking in pain. The neighbour peeped over the fence and asked the owner why the dog was being so loud.
The owner replied...

Sep 21, 2020

We tackle the keyboard warriors, the nay-sayers, and the negative Nancies this week, as we address the misconceptions surrounding success. We all have haters in this world, especially online, so instead of ignoring them, George and Christina read the comments of some of their fiercest haters. 

Sep 14, 2020

We talk about the reality of the situation and what you can do to safeguard you and your investments during such a trying time.

Sep 7, 2020

Setting goals is only part of the equation. On this week's episode, we chat about mindset, action plans, and everything you need to know in realising your dreams for the future. Let's go.