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The Positive Property Show with George Markoski

Oct 30, 2020

Stock market vs Property investment and why your fancy trading program is not going to work: Sorry but its true
In life we can get either an excuse or a result you cant have both.
Here are my 3 steps to overcome excuses when they hit you:
1. When that excuse comes to you - acknowledge it but don’t feed it....

Oct 26, 2020

We dissect the question that has existed for centuries

Oct 19, 2020

Despite retiring at 37 through property and living a comfortable life ever since, George is constantly asked about his decision to undertake his current goal of empowering 10,000 Australians to achieve freedom through property. Why many assume retirement is the be-all and end-all, on this week's episode, George is...

Oct 12, 2020

Who doesn't like to save money? On this week's episode, George and Christina delve into some of the legal loopholes that are available to save you dollars from the dreaded taxman. 

Oct 8, 2020

On Tuesday the Treasurer released a historic Federal Budget designed to lift the economy out of the doldrums. 

A number of job creation and wage subsidy measures in the budget should help rapidly reduce our unemployment rate especially amongst our youngest workers who have been hit hardest during the pandemic.